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We bring in greyhounds routinely.   As long as we have approved adopters, we will have greyhounds.

Start the adoption process now to be ready to meet and greet your new best friend.  Submit your adoption application to be in the queue for  incoming hounds.   We are placing greyhounds primarily in Arizona.  Apply to start the discussion.

Please contact us if you want more information about fostering or adopting one of these precious creatures!

Adoption Pending


Color:  Black


D.O.B: 09/11/2019

Weight:  75 pounds

I’m  a big, strong, handsome, boy.  The people that gave me my behavior test say I seem to be good with other dogs.

Adoption Pending


Color:  Dark Brindle


D.O.B: 01/01/2022

Weight:  64 pounds

I might be a little shy when we first meet, but I will be more confident as I get to know you. I am very attached to humans and prefer them over toys



Color:  Fawn


D.O.B: 01/04/21

Weight: 76.5

From Australia to Arizona or bust. I'll be arriving May 4. I bet you can't wait to meet me -- 3 year old BABSON. Fun fact: I walk nicely on a leash but can do zoomies and spins on the spot so be prepared. I am somewhat  timid until I get to know you and then I am a velcro boy. I may also be farm animal and small dog tolerant.



Color: White and Black


DOB:  109/25/2020

Weight: 62 pounds

My kennel name is Ivy but you may call me Miss Faberge or Miss Fabulous. I'm  3 1/2 and friendly, affectionate, quiet, and walk well on lead. I may be small dog tolerant and good with well behaved children 5+  Ta-ta.  See you on May 4.  



Color:  Black


D.O.B:  10/10/21

Weight: 77 pounds

G'Day!  My name is Speedy.  Don't let my name fool you. I'm 2 1/2 and only had four starts at the track and was not fast enough to continue. As they  say -- to know me is to love me -- I am confident, happy, runs after toys and plays but not obsessively. I'm medium sized for a male and  would love to get to  know you. I might also be small dog tolerant. What more could you ask for?  I'll be arriving in Arizona on May 4 so get your adoption applications in now.

Adoption Pending

Angie & Nina

Color: Angie: Brindle- Nina: Black


D.O.B: 04/06/2018

Weight:  Angie - 58 Pounds

Nina -65 Pounds

We are the SISTER ACT. If you always wanted a bonded pair of lovely Aussie litter-mates in your life, here we are...6 years young and ready to be your new best friends. I, Angie (brindle), am the more bouncy outgoing of the two of us and Nina (black) is the more reserved. I guess you might consider us yin and yang but we love each other dearly and  hope the right forever home will be ours soon. We'll be arriving in Arizona on May 4..



Color:  Black


D.O.B:  08/29/2020

Weight: 84 pounds

My kennel name is  Banjo. What kind of name is that for a strong boy like me? My racing name is Aston Chaffy so just think of me as an Aston Martin. I'm more sleek luxury car-like than a musical instrument on someone's knee. I'll be 4 years old at the end of August. I'll be arriving in Arizona on May 4 and look forward to having the time of my life in your forever home.  



Color:  Black


D.O.B: 11/02/2021

Weight 71 pounds

Don't you think I look like Nicole Kidman if she were a hound? I'm Scotchie, only 2 1/2 and never raced. According to the people around me I am friendly, shy in new surroundings, a little anxious, affectionate, puppy-like and sometimes unpredictable on lead. Since I will be with an experienced foster family, I am confident that I will learn socialization and acceptable behaviors. Can't wait! Submit an adoption app now. See you May 4



Color:  Black


D.O.B: 104/15/2019

Weight 69 pounds

Check me out  people...I am Atlas. I am 5 years old. I was born on April 15 so that means I'm an Aries...and I am brave and outgoing and I make a better leader than a follower. If you are a Libra -- cowabunga!  But I get along with everyone.  I need to learn how to walk better on lead but that's what a  savvy human can help me learn. Right? Let's meet up in early May.



Color:  BlackFemale

D.O.B:  07/18/2018

Weight:  65 pounds

Hi, I'm Lucy. I'm five and a half years old. I'm black, but I have the cutest white socks. My race name was Impressive- so appropriate! I ran 355 races, mainly in Mexico.  

Foster mommy says, " I'm practically perfect! I learned how to walk upstairs really fast. Impressive! " I love my kennel and my foster sister, Sophie. I'm not at all timid or shy. I'm confident and really curious.

If you think we're a match. Please fill out the adoption application, and let's meet.

Adoption Pending!


Color:  Black


D.O.B:  07/08/2015

Weight:  69 pounds

Bio Coming Soon

Our Hounds and Adoption Fees

Looking for a calm, even-tempered, laid-back companion? You’ve come to the right place! Dogs range from 2-5 years of age when they leave the track, some younger who didn’t race; some older who were used for breeding. Your new friend will become the love of your life.

SA Greys charges an adoption fee of $1,000 for Irish and Australian greyhounds, $450 for domestic dogs under 8 yrs old and $300 for 8+ yrs old. The adoption fees help to help defray costs for transportation, boarding, general veterinary costs, and training, when necessary.

Here is a list of typical pre-adoption services for a hound in our care:

  • Initial Health Screen $250

  • Average Boarding $125

  • Vaccinations $35

  • Spay/Neuter $650-$1100

  • Routine Dental $1600-$1900

  • Fecal sample testing $75

  • Heartworm Protection $30

  • Flea/tick protection $15

  • Ancillary Services $485 (anesthesia, medication dispensing, pain medication, IV/fluids, micro-chipping)

The average cost per dog exceeds $1100 when there are no exceptional medical needs. We wish that we didn’t have to worry about severe injuries or illnesses, but that is much more common than we’d like. For some examples, visit our Jackie’s Fund page.

Questions? Check our Resources Page or you can Contact Us.

Adoption Process

Please view details of our adoption process. When you are ready, submit an application!

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