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Interested in Adopting a Greyhound?

We will be bringing in greyhounds every month, starting in September and have expanded our placement areas.  As long as we have approved adopters, we will have greyhounds.

Start the adoption process now to be ready to meet and greet your new best friend.  Submit your adoption application to be in the queue for the incoming hauls starting in the Fall.  We are placing greyhounds in neighboring states and  we encourage you to apply if you are outside those areas.  As long as we have volunteers and or support in your area, apply to start the discussion.

Please contact us if you want more information about fostering or adopting one of these precious creatures!


Color:  Dark Brindle


DOB:  08/29/2018

Wet:  29.6 KG

If you’re ambitious and a bit on the wild side, Amber aka “Wild Ambition” may be the brave and beautiful lass for you!  She’s playful and excitable and will love to go on adventures with her family.  Amber loves to interact with kids yet prefers to play ball over pats—really, there is no time for pats when there’s a ball to chase! She has her daily calisthenics routine:  do a few zoomies in the backyard, followed by a rest and nap in the shade by herself for some reflection. Amber was a little too excited when meeting an Italian Greyhound, perhaps with more work and very slow gradual introductions, she may settle.  She is not a barker so she’ll need to be let our regularly to toilet.


Color:  Brindle


DOB:  1/12/2021

Wet: 28.5 kgs

Amy is a sociable, friendly and gentle girl who loves to lean on you.  She loves being around people and being close.  Amy would be a lovely companion and potential lap dog for some who is home often.  She can spend a few hours alone, but she does loves her people nearby, and only barks or throws her toys around to remind you it’s feeding time.  Amy is easy going and curious, loving a wander around the garden and following you around to see what you’re up to.  Amy is sociable with her grey mates and ok with a sheep dog she met.  She has not been around small dogs or cats.


Colors White and Black


DOB: 04/01/2021

Chopper is an easy going, happy boy of average size.  He is not a chaser and happy to go for walks every day, good on the lead, playful and is good with other dogs, big and small.  He is sociable, not a jumper or over excitable and is good with kids from 2+ years of age.  Chopper would suit most households and is able to spend time alone.  Not cat tested yet.


Color: Black


DOB: 12/18/2020

Ellie is a lovely easy going girl who has grown up around kids.  She doesn’t bark and is a sweet, gentle girl who loves people, cuddles, kisses and belly rubs.  Ellie is okay with the sheep dog but has not been around small dogs or cats, but could be okay with them if introduced slowly with her quiet nature.  Ellie would make a wonderful pet and suit a household looking for a potential couch potato!


Color: Brindle


DOB: 4/24/2019

Wgt: 28 kgs

Jenny is here to lend a helping hand!  Jenny’s former Race Name was “Emmeline Vance” which means “hardworking” so she’s bound to assist with chores, right?  Well probably not.  She WILL provide cuddles and lots of love if that counts?  Jenny still has a pretty good repertoire even if she won’t do the housework. She was well behaved when she met an Italian Greyhound.  She will still need very slow and gradual introductions to any potential small dog housemates.  Gentle Jenny was quite scared of the large ducks roaming around!  She loves her cuddles and pats.  She is excellent with people but she does jump up wanting cuddles, pats, attention so she may be better suited for older children.  Jenny is a smart cookie and does learn very quickly, making her easy to train.


Color:  Black


DOB: 5/24/2019

Wet:  26 kgs

This special lass is humble, clear and quiet—as a mouse! She is very good with other medium-large sized dogs and currently lives with a Border Collie.  She does need a bit more work with small dogs, but may be okay to live with them after a build up of small interactions and of course, patience and understanding. This sweetie is a bit shy at first, or timid as moons, if you will, however in time she will warm up to her new family once she adjusts.  Some fun walks, adventures and games will help her settle in.  


Color: Blue and White Brindle


DOB:  08/10/2021

Wet: 28 kgs

Mr. Mugsy is your quintessential mellow man.  Excellent with small dogs, quiet and docile with an Italian Greyhound.  This humble and laid back sweetheart can be reserved to start, but once he feels comfortable, he comes out of his shell and is a very loyal and loving lad.  Mugsy is still a young pup, turning 2 yo in August.  His only wish is to celebrate his birthday with a loving forever family.


Color: Red Brindle


DOB:  03/08/2021

Wet: 22 kgs

Summer is a gorgeous red brindle girl who is very well mannered and has an excellent temperament. She is friendly, calm and sociable with people and kids, who walk her on the lead.  Summer is sociable with other greys but has not been around other breeds or cats closely.  She would suit most households with small children to an elderly home and is able to spend 3-5 hours alone after her morning exercise-run in the yard, walk or play.

Our Hounds and Adoption Fees

Looking for a calm, even-tempered, laid-back companion? You’ve come to the right place! Dogs range from 2-5 years of age when they leave the track, some younger who didn’t race; some older who were used for breeding. Your new friend will become the love of your life.

SA Greys charges an adoption fee of $1,000 for Irish and Australian greyhounds, $400 for domestic dogs under 8 yrs old and $300 for 8+ yrs old. The adoption fees help to help defray costs for transportation, boarding, general veterinary costs, and training, when necessary.

Here is a list of typical pre-adoption services for a hound in our care:

  • Initial Health Screen $130

  • Average Boarding $125

  • Vaccinations $35

  • Spay/Neuter $170

  • Routine Dental $75

  • Fecal sample testing $75

  • Heartworm Protection $20

  • Flea/tick protection $15

  • Ancillary Services $485 (anesthesia, medication dispensing, pain medication, IV/fluids, micro-chipping)

The average cost per dog exceeds $1100 when there are no exceptional medical needs. We wish that we didn’t have to worry about severe injuries or illnesses, but that is much more common than we’d like. For some examples, visit our Jackie’s Fund page.

Questions? Check our Resources Page or you can Contact Us.

Adoption Process

Please view details of our adoption process. When you are ready, submit an application!

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